In our tour we will make a tour of about 5km (2,6 nautical miles). In the duration we want you to feel comfortable, question, don't cut (we're looking forward to your questions)
It is an area of abundant wildlife and we must not forget that this is wild. Much of this marine wildlife such as turtles and dolphins, are curious animals, as will they come to our meeting without forget that they are animals in their natural habitat and you can't guarantee your presence to 100×100.
The mountain Guaza is also a place for a large number of birds that you will also see on our walk.
We will give a talk on the farm (species that breed in it, and a lot more data that we know to be former workers of the same)
We know our little corner, currents, tides, etc, there is No place safer to enjoy this activity and want to mostrártelo....