The market of the kayak covers a wide range of different models depending on the use that we go to give, and the place in which we use it.

We can find kayaks inflatable, folding, removable, rigid...., for use at sea, in rivers, in swamps, water rafting, to competitions, etc

Our model, the kayak rigid autovaciable Kenai, has valves that allow you to empty the water that we will be entering in the kayak, with a wingspan of 3.75 m, a weight of 32 kg and a load capacity of up to 316kg. The Kenya allows us to carry two adults and a child without compromising their amazing navegabiidad and maneuverability.

Any advice Canarykayaktenerife before flopping to the sea:

At the time of sailing with our kayak, in our case by sea, it is important to have looked at the day before the party in the weather. For much that we know the area, we will avoid unpleasant surprises.

We sail through areas marked and, if you aren't, we will do the most close to shore as possible.

We always have fresh water to drink and it is highly recommended to also wear glasses, cream and wear a hat to protect you from the sun.

Let's not forget the mobile phone in its waterproof case, we will take pictures and, in the case of an emergency, being able to ask for help. Takes all necessary precautionary measures and salt to enjoy your kayak in the nature.